Disposition Desire Deed

We all have dispositions that lead to desires that we expect to fulfill through deeds. In other words, our preferences create wants that inspire us to apply effort toward their attainment.

But our desires are comprised of end-goals, not complete paths — so we’re often perplexed at how to get what we want. And due to the uncertainty of life, a direct path cannot be mapped reliably.

And if a reliable path to attainment doesn’t exist, we can’t be certain of where to apply our efforts. So at best, we can only keep our goal in mind while applying some kind of indeterminate effort.

Due to the amount of uncertainty and chance involved, there must be some intangible oversight involved in the fulfillment of wishes. In other words, the underlying nature of success is beyond our understanding.


One thought on “Disposition Desire Deed

  1. Fulfillment of a desire is like preparing fuel for another. There is no end to our wishes. The only wish we should have is to have faith to chase our dreams.

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