Significant Achievement

Draft #1

How does significant achievement come about in one’s life? For a small achievement, we can easily imagine the single step from A to B. But for an enormous achievement, it’s difficult to imagine all the transitional steps between A and Z. And if we don’t know what comes in-between, how do we get to the goal?

If fate directs our life, then fate would likely implant a goal within our thoughts, lead us along a circuitous non-obvious route with hints of potential failure, then end in triumph. In other words, fate would create a drama that we merely observe.

If our wishes control life, then we likely imagine an end goal, and life fills in the transition. But if wishes control life, we can see from experience that wishes are not granted immediately — things don’t typically materialize right before our eyes.

If our efforts control life, then we likely pick a goal and charge towards it, overcoming all obstacles until it’s accomplished. But if we can’t imagine the transitional steps, how do we know where to apply our efforts? And if random chance is a factor, then that affects our potential for achievement.

But to illustrate controlling life with effort, think of a piñata — when attempting to hit the piñata, we only have the goal in mind while blindly swinging away, and hopefully our effort is applied towards smashing the piñata. By chance, we may be placed close enough and in the correct orientation to strike the piñata — or perhaps outside forces may shout directions or direct us with a nudge. In other words, there’s too many factors involved to believe that effort alone can accomplish significant achievement.

But perhaps the answer isn’t simply just fate or just wishing or just effort, but a combination. Fate or predestination plays a part because our urges to accomplish a particular goal come from somewhere — whether it’s our biological makeup or upbringing or some mystical realm — our desires correspond to our particular predetermined disposition. These desires then form into wishes, ideas of an end-goal lacking a detailed path to get there. And without a clear path, the effort we apply to this goal is almost random in a sense. The effort just serves as payment or proof that we really want our wish fulfilled. There seems to be some factor of magical wish fulfillment or else chance would be too big of a factor to overcome.

In summation: predestination, plus wishing, plus effort equals significant achievement.


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