Inner Peace

We ask for a world at peace. Yet, we quarrel within our countries, within our regions, within our towns, within our neighborhoods, within our families, within ourselves. Does the world not reflect our own internal strife?

How can one ask for peace, without even having a mind at peace? Is this not hypocrisy? So drop your weapons — anger, hate, fear, anxiety, selfishness, obsession. Release them, letting them fall from you. Peace begins from within, cascading outwards.

With gentle persistence, quell the rebellion in your mind. With constant vigilance, guard against malignant thoughts seeking residence. Even if bestowed to the world, how could tranquility exist amongst a billion raging storms?

How can we expect harmony without preparing for its reception? We may believe ourselves incapable of affecting global serenity, yet it cannot come without a suitable environment. In order to facilitate its arrival, let us first pacify our thoughts.


One thought on “Inner Peace

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