Malady of Merchants

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Nathaniel Acorn.
Circa 1790. Massachusetts.

But truly I say to you, the entirety of Earth is the Creator’s temple, who within has right to sell even a single grain of sand? There is no entitlement of ownership for those that own not even themselves — who among you controls his entrance into this world?

For gifts bestowed by Providence, commerce is not the just jurisdiction. Nay, if we are to live by our beliefs, we are to share in the resources given to us by the Almighty, leaving no mouth empty, no body bare, and no head lacking shelter.

As was said, I come not to destroy the law, but to fulfill — so let us fulfill His commandment of loving all others created under the sun. And how shall we display our brotherly affection, but by stockpiling the gifts given to all? By charging rents for lands we did not bring into being?

Nay, let us love as He loves, let us give as He gives. What is needed has been provided, yet we stand in the way of its rightful allocation — in doing so, are we not aiding and abetting the tempter himself?


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