Pleasant Guidelines

Some points to consider when posting thoughts on the Internet when attempting to facilitate a pleasant existence.

Focus on solutions, not problems.
Nay: I have little income and don’t like my living arrangements.
Yea: I’m planning ways to live the life I want to live.

Find things to enjoy, not complain about.
Nay: Life is unfair. My house is a mess.
Yea: Cookies are tasty. Writing is fulfilling.

Praise the good, ignore the bad.
Nay: That guy is a jerk.
Yea: This one guy is doing good stuff.

Focus on forgiving, not blaming.
Nay: Well, I really blame my mother for all this.
Yea: As helpless as I was, I also understand my mother’s helplessness.

Focus on things interesting to others, not overindulgence.
Nay: My teddy-bear had brown eyes, a red ribbon, and a jelly stain.
Yea: Gazing into his remaining eye, I realized my teddy-bear saved my life that day.

Focus on appreciation, not self-pity.
Nay: My life is in shambles, when will my nightmare end?
Yea: My life is a drama, something I’m fascinated by and grateful for.

Edit and refine.
Nay: I was walking, well actually jogging, although technically running.
Yea: I moved as if carried by the wind.

Pause, allow a little time before posting.
Nay: He had no right to judge me like that!
Yea: Okay, maybe he had a point.

Focus on that which evokes pleasant feelings, not negative ones.
Nay: It left me bitter with a twist of sorrow, entombed in darkness.
Yea: In that moment of despair, my life gained meaning, I am whole.


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