Before and After

I used to think about things that scared me, things that could go wrong, how people might hurt me, my uselessness, how short a life I’d live, how unhappy I was, how lonely, how anxious I was about deadlines, how germs were everywhere, how I was surrounded by sickness. These thoughts just came, and I thought them.

Now I think of happiness, of satisfaction with life, of smiles on the faces I know, of ways to help others, of unity, of tranquility, of perfection, of pleasant places to live, of pleasant things to eat, of my amusement with life. These thoughts just come, and I think them.

Why the change? Perhaps fate, perhaps chance, perhaps reading a bit of ancient wisdom, perhaps the practice of meditation, perhaps a particular diet, perhaps mental discipline, perhaps love, perhaps exhaustion, perhaps all of the above, perhaps none of the above.

I don’t know why life moves in the way it does. But I am compelled to say this — close your mind to what is bad, open it to what is good — figure out the difference. It seems to be a process, this change, it doesn’t occur overnight. And it’s daunting at first, but satisfying.


One thought on “Before and After

  1. Rich, I have started a little public project on my way to happiness. I would be delighted if you followed and contributed.

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