Civilized Medicine

Imagine a civilization adrift, lacking any sense of striving toward a common goal. War, crime, poverty, inequality, exploitation, abuse, purposelessness, depression, self-destruction, confusion — these would be the symptoms of such a civilization.

Any organism exists but for one purpose, to thrive. Yet these are symptoms of sickness, not prosperity. It is therefore the role of inhabitants to rush to the aid of their ailing host. Without a healthy whole, it is feverish delusion to believe that the constituent parts are capable of anything but a floundering existence, plagued with constant struggle and uncertainty.

How is this illness overcome, but by a change of thought reinforced through repetition — no need for a great upheaval, simply the acceptance and maintenance of new ideas. The foundation of civilization is merely a collection of concepts — by dismantling divisive ones, replacing with wholesome ones, a wave of vitality takes over — the whole becomes healthy.

A lack of direction, every segment seeking its own route, quarreling with those blocking their way — of course nothing fruitful comes of it, it’s an orchestra of musicians each playing his own tune — discordance. But when replaced with harmony, with a common score, individuals behave as one mightier than their sum — each playing their part, each part as important as the next, and each part contributing to a common cause.


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