Benevolent Leaders

To lead, select those perceiving no evil in others, not those wishing to punish and imprison — select those that esteem mankind, wishing to bring forth the best in all — those perceiving benefit in helping others, not burden. Let those that love mankind lead it.

Let cooperation win over competition. Let gentle yet persistent guidance direct behaviors deemed undesirable, fostering compassion. Let there be debate of how best to provide for the common welfare — but let sacrifice come first from those delaying such action, not from those in need.

Let a history of selfless acts determine the quality of each candidate, not superficial speech. Let those seeking to give be considered, not those seeking to gain. Let those that give freely, foregoing abundance for the sake of others, be the example.

Let those without hostility, seers of unity, decide for the common defense. Let the merciful and those that forgive decide what is just. Let those that want nothing decide redistribution. Let those enthusiastic for life, cherishing happiness, set the direction of policy.



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