Summit Speech – part 2

This is my current interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus
(part 2, Matthew 6) — version 1

Do not follow the path to perfection in order to be praised by others. To desire accolades and distinction, is to focus on this fleeting world instead of the path to perfection. For instance, when you give to those in need, do not broadcast it for all to admire.

And when you seek discourse with your creator, speak in private, not publicly to be esteemed by others. But refrain from shallow repetition and realize your needs are already known. So speak in this way: Cherished creator, author of life’s narrative, provider of all things — I follow a path to you.

To follow this path, you must be accepting of all that life presents. And whatever self-discipline you practice, do not put on a display of hardship for others to admire, but present a pleasant demeanor.

Do not seek the fleeting treasures of this world, but seek perfection, that which is permanent and impervious to decay and theft. Your focal point becomes your destination — and you cannot go in two directions at once — either follow the path to perfection or become trapped by earthly entanglements.

Do not be worried about this life, your needs will be met. The birds of the air are fed by this world, are you not worth as much? The fields do not toil, yet are adorned with beautiful flowers. Worry will not extend your life. First seek perfection, and your needs will be met.


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