Summit Speech – part 1

This is my current interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus
(part 1, Matthew 5) — version 1

Fortunate are those lacking enthusiasm for this world, because their home lies in the next.
Fortunate are those in distress, because they will experience relief.
Fortunate are the gentle — by favoring cooperation over competition, this world will become theirs.
Fortunate are those seeking to perfect themselves, because they will find fulfillment.
Fortunate are the compassionate and forgiving, because they follow the path to perfection.
Fortunate are those unencumbered by this world, because they will know perfection.
Fortunate are those advocating cooperation and unity, because they are rooted in perfection.
Fortunate are those harassed for pursuing perfection, because their sanctuary lies beyond this world.
Fortunate are those harassed for spreading this message, because they, like the messengers before them, will find comfort beyond this life.

Those spreading this message are beacons to the perfection that lies beyond this world, so shine brightly and let this path be known. And, do not reject the rules of old, but follow and surpass them.

For instance, it is said you should not kill another — but you should not even insult or hate another. Never stand in opposition to another as an adversary, but reconcile as friends.

It is said you should not defile the relationship of another for your own pleasure — but you should not even fantasize about someone in a relationship. It is better to endure, suffering with wants unfulfilled, than step off the path to perfection.

It is said, if your marriage is over, you should legally dissolve it — but you should not even grow apart. For those seeking perfection, a marriage is to be cherished.

It is said you should not make promises you cannot keep — but you should not even make promises — simply respond “Yes” or “No”, anything beyond this is dishonest — this world and the inner-workings of your body are not under your control.

It is said you should seek equivalent retribution for wrongs done to you, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth — but you should not even resist someone wronging you. To whomever slaps one cheek, offer the other. If someone claims your shirt, give your coat too. If compelled to go one mile, go two. Give to those who ask and do not resist any wanting to borrow.

It is said you should love your neighbor and hate your enemy — but you should love your enemies and wish well for those tormenting you, in this way you become perfect. The sun rises over everyone, good and bad — and the rain too falls onto everyone, just and unjust. Loving only those that love you — anyone can do that — to pursue perfection, is to love all.


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