Unbalanced Narrative

Why is the world unbalanced, and why does it tip in favor of suffering?
If balanced, action is unnecessary — unbalance encourages action. Also, a state of suffering incites your emotions, entangling you with the world. Life creates circumstances to draw out your emotions — every tear, smile, heartbreak, laugh, sigh, cheer — all of it — promotes a connection with life. Also consider, if on top, there’s no place to go but down, so isn’t it preferable to be going up?

I thought attachment was bad?
If you weren’t drawn into life, what kind of half-hearted experience would that be? Engaging with life’s narrative isn’t bad, over-attachment is bad. In other words, if you’re taking life too seriously, then you’re going to have an unpleasant experience — just enjoy the show.

So I don’t need to detach from life?
You’re here, how could you? Attempting to sit on the sidelines is a manifestation of taking life too seriously. Don’t take it too seriously — just somewhere in the middle.

How can I take life less seriously?
Realize what life is — a show — for you. Every circumstance that brings forth emotion is just another twist to the story. And every story has an end, while another waits to be told.


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