Predefined Path

As I entered into this world, I couldn’t control my family, appearance, temperament, preferences, health, location, language, culture, societal position, schooling, neighbors, strangers, political climate, purchasing power, entertainment options, or available technology.

Being born into a tightly defined mold, it seems more likely that we’re provided a very strict path on which to travel — in other words, we do not make choices that direct our lives, we simply traverse our particular predefined path. But this doesn’t mean our path is predictable — as travelers in its midst we can’t perceive its course.

This path could be called our narrative, our story. And with consciousness, awareness of our own existence, this story even has an audience. And the teller of this tale, life, appears to engage its audience completely — throwing in twists and turns, continually inciting our emotions, drawing us deeper into the tale.


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