Feelings Juicer

Life seems to be an emotion extractor. By whatever means, life will attempt to get you to feel something. It’ll physically hurt you, it’ll give you things, take them away, abuse you, introduce struggles and triumphs, scare you, delight you, anger and appease you — life will do all sorts of things to incite your emotions.

So whatever actually triggers these emotions, be it another person or thing or some circumstance, is not the true instigator — life is. Life is doing this to you. To get angry at someone or something or some circumstance in particular, is misguided anger — it’s shooting the messenger.

That’s not to say we should direct our emotions towards life itself. Just realizing what’s happening and what’s causing it, will tend to defuse emotions that are too intense to deal with. It may help to think of life as the mischievous host trying to get a rise out of his guests.