Forever Blind

Drama and humor are driven by a lack of understanding and the unexpected. If characters have complete knowledge of a situation, there is no surprise or confusion, therefore no drama or humor.

Now consider the nature of life. Living life could be as simple as waking up, going through our daily tasks, pleasantly acknowledging those around us, and going to sleep. It could be easy, but it isn’t — why not? It appears that life is purposefully maintaining a perpetual state of ignorance.

Why would life do this? Because without a state of constant befuddlement, there would be no storyline to life — no drama, no humor. If we were able to learn from our mistakes, individuals and society would advance very quickly into a state of effortless perfection.

But as it is, every generation has the same fundamental problems. Wisdom is rediscovered in every age. Over and over we stumble onto the same ideas, yet they never sink in. We sense clarity, but it quickly clouds over. Life is not a learning experience, in fact it is quite the opposite. Life is not teaching lessons, it is preventing us from comprehending the obvious — keeping us forever blind.


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