Wonderful Life

Isn’t life wonderful? Well from the perspective I was born into, no. I knew people that suffered from panic attacks, depression, attempted suicide, committed suicide, killed, got killed, stole, had rage issues, abused, endured abuse of varying types, dealt with life through drugs, wasted away with disease, and suffered through old age — and this is not theoretical, I saw these people — this was my family.

The world I was introduced to was a horrible place full of fear. So to paint it into something full of fun and sunshine seems dishonest. But what else can you do? Complaining doesn’t seem to help, it’s just focusing on the unpleasantness, making you feel worse. We’re stuck here and we can’t change the fundamental nature of life — so we’re left with trying to make the best of it. Yes, we’re deluding ourselves — but the more delusion, the merrier.

And who knows, maybe life is actually fantastic, maybe we’re just being pessimistic jerks, gloomy downers, and ungrateful complainers. And if you can’t find anything at all to smile at, then just laugh at how tragically absurd this is. Life goes a bit over the top at times, it’s not a good idea to take things seriously. It’s been said: if surrounded by darkness, should you not seek a light?


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