What is This

Some potential options for our currently perceived existence:

– It happened spontaneously
– – and organically.
– – but within an artificial environment.

– It was specifically created
– – with an autonomous environment (organic or artificial)
– – with a predetermined environment (organic or artificial)

– If specifically created, why?
– – As entertainment for inhabitants.
– – As entertainment for outside observers.
– – As a source of energy or nourishment for outsiders.
– – As an experiment.
– – As a prison.
– – As a learning experience.
– – As a display of creative power.
– – As something to do, no particular purpose.

Some points to consider:

– There’s potential for a predetermined outline of events (or characters), but with autonomous details filling in the gaps.

– If created, might the design contain flaws?
– If created, is the origin purposefully deceptive?
– If within an artificial environment, history could be contrived.

– The role of singular or cyclical existence.
– The role of finality to existence.

– Whether individuals are connected more than they appear, or whether they exist at all.
– Whether individuals have a connection to the creation of their own existence.


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