Money Tree

Where does money come from?

Well I know it’s not from hard work, since there have been many times I’ve worked hard and never received a dime — and I’ve also received money without expending any effort at all. I’ve received money by asking for it, but that doesn’t always work. I’ve sold things I made, receiving some money, but not everything sells indefinitely. I’ve had money in a bank generating interest, but then the interest rate plummeted. I had funds in the stock market making gains, but then the market tanked. I consulted at a company, made some money, but the company was sold. I sold services, producing an income, but then the clientele dried up.

So where does money come from? Who knows. Its procurement appears to be outside our control. So to think it should be a requirement to subsist seems unfair. The resources exist, the food can be grown, the clothes put on racks, the housing built, the toys placed on shelves, the hospitals staffed — but without money, something beyond our control, we have limited access to the fruits of society.

Dare to complain to those with ample access, they’ll blame you for your lack, chastising your poor decisions. They’ll provide a recipe for success that only seems to work for them — because they don’t really know where money comes from either.

Sure it stings a little to see the party through the window, seeing the steaming treats on the table, hearing the muted music and laughter, but you rationalize it — you hang onto hope for the future, you blame your bad luck, you blame your shortcomings, you blame the system, you dream of winning the lottery, you believe in a better next-life, you renounce your worldly attachments — you rationalize it or it breaks you.