Holiday Greetings

I can’t say I’m particularly lacking right now, but I seem to be sensing the collective pain. This season reminds people of what they lack: warmth, coats, presents, a family, a home, a voice, someone that cares.

These posts are the thoughts that run through my head — I don’t know if they’re always for me — perhaps they’re for others that happen upon them. But it’s really the least I can do, to think and write about the lack that so many are experiencing.

I tend to be detached from humanity, but for whatever reason, right now I’m concerned. But I’ve noticed that when I recognize something, large numbers are soon to follow — I tend to see things early since most of my time is spent quietly observing life.

Consider this, society is guided by ideas — so our part is simple, stop believing in, and promoting divisive ideas, ideas separating us into groups of varying value. Trade them in for ideas of equality and inclusiveness, then let these unifying ideas permeate through to our family and social circles.

Let’s bring in the new year with the hope of happiness for all. Let’s trade our collective misery for collective comfort.


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