Two Stars

If life on Earth was a form of entertainment, I’d expect it to be more entertaining. As it is, I’d only give it 2 out of 5 stars. It’s too intense in some parts, too boring in others, and the overall plot is weak. Anything good is short-lived and surrounded by too much challenge and stress.

Life doesn’t remind me of watching TV, it reminds me of school. I’m sitting around a lot, waiting, observing, feeling intimidated, uncomfortable, forced to do busy work, forced to work with others, forced to digest uninteresting information, evaluated, directed by uninspiring leaders — and once in awhile recess comes, but it always ends too soon.

But if life on Earth was a form of education, shouldn’t it be a “learning is fun” type of experience? Shouldn’t we be exploring life in an enjoyable way while experiencing just enough challenge to make it interesting?

Maybe that approach was tried, but it wasn’t enough. Perhaps a more distasteful setting had to be developed in order to sear this experience into the minds of every student. Never again would we want to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors, and to ensure this, we all live this earthbound existence — perhaps many times, through many lives.

2 thoughts on “Two Stars

  1. Given the complexity of the universe, nature and of human behavior and cognition, it’s hard for me to think of life as boring. There’s good everywhere, even in things we think of as bad. I guess it’s back to our same discussion earlier – it’s all in your perspective.

    1. I’d agree that our perspective determines goodness and badness. But, I don’t think we get to control our perspective — in other words, life places us somewhere, and we’re forced to look through that particular lens.

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