Societal Disrepair

Perhaps it can be agreed upon, that at least for some things, there’s a state of “functioning” and a state of “improper functioning” i.e. broken. This means that things in life can break — thus, the constituents of life have the potential to be broken at any given time. This may mean that society itself has the potential to break at times. And if we look through history, we’re likely to find some periods where we’d consider society to be broken in some regard.

If all this is true, then we can’t assume that our own modern society is not broken. But if everything is going smoothly for ourselves and those closest to us, we’d likely assume that society is also running smoothly. But of course, this is a nearsighted view and has the potential of being wrong.

Those with this nearsightedness then, must be given the data in some other way since they cannot readily perceive it. If provided with proof of an ill-functioning society, it’s likely that these people would realize their shortsightedness and take corrective action. Again, we can browse through history and see instances where societal change has taken place through the adoption of new ideas pushed through by those on the broken end of society.

So either those on the broken end make their situation clearly known, or those on the functioning end need to be vigilant enough to seek out broken segments and take corrective action. But for obvious reasons, it may be difficult for a broken segment to articulate its own problem. And when articulation is difficult, as with small children, frustration may set in, and an outburst is possible. Thus, it is in the interest of the functioning end of society to actively scan for potential issues and mend as necessary — and this includes preventative measures, regular maintenance, and periodic assessments.


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