To The Top

You know, not everyone can be on top, there will always be a class system of some sort, if only implied — the cream rises to the top, as they say. And everyone has to get on with their own lives, what can you really do for others anyway? People end up how they deserve to end up, if they’re poor, then they should work hard and make better choices. If people want more, it’s simple, just work harder — perhaps even saving some money for once. To think they’re owed what you’ve earned, is a sign of their sickening greed. Is it any wonder they occupy the position they do? They’re lucky to even have what they have. And instead of having their hands out, perhaps they could try gratitude for once. To think of the money you’ve given to charity and the taxes you pay, it’s sad how they demonize you. Being in a relatable position, I know it’s tough to be criticized for being successful. Well, see you soon, the Devil.


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