Righteous Aristocracy

What if I find myself in a position of economic influence? How may I walk the righteous path?

It has been said: what you sacrifice in this life, you gain in the next. If it is within your means, do engage in competition, dominate even, rise to the highest echelon — but do so not for your sake, nor your family’s sake — but for the sake of all that share this world.

Live not in opulence, but lower than those you employ — lest you receive your reward in this life — and, do so to ensure no one lives lower than you yourself are willing to endure. Those you employ are not your servants, you are theirs. Those that exploit others are doomed in this life and the next.

There are but two classes, the selfish and the selfless: one appears above, but sinks below — the other appears below, but rises above. He who provides a means for others to provide as much for themselves, walks the righteous path.


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