Successful Herring

We can plainly and readily observe that we all won’t achieve society’s, or even our own, definition of success. So worrying about success and obsessing on “how to succeed” or “how to get rich” is a pointless endeavor.

Will some people attain “success”? Sure, but many won’t. In fact, our life’s narrative may even end up tragic. So, “success” is not where we should focus. Instead, we can focus on our acceptance of the particular role we’re in.

We can’t change the circumstances surrounding our life, but we may be able to accept, and even cultivate an appreciation for, those conditions. There’s a chance that we may not be able to find acceptance, but it’s still the most likely path we have for ending our dissatisfaction with life.

So forget success, forget achievement, forget winning, forget luck, forget even happiness — and just observe, don’t anticipate, don’t wish — stop expecting. Realize that the tragic is no less entertaining than the triumphant.

Just watch the show — cheer for your character, but laugh when he falls — empathize during the emotional times, but don’t dwell — praise the supporting cast — acknowledge the scenery — recognize the grand scope of the production — and be grateful for it all.


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