Contagious Concepts

There are some undesirable practices in place within the world. But it’s not individuals at fault, it’s ideas. If we get rid of individuals, the ideas still exist, and new bodies step in to fill the voids.

Spoken/written language is the programming language of the mind. And accordingly, those lacking in advanced aspects of a language, are stuck with rudimentary functionality. For instance, if anger is the only aspect understood, then that is the only operation available.

Some ideas are like viruses, rapidly spreading through social contact, infecting those they encounter, sometimes with lifelong aftereffects. So for societal change to occur, it would require a mechanism to rapidly transmit and disperse an effective idea to as wide an audience as possible.

This mechanism of near-instantaneous global dissemination exists today. As for the ideas, they are most likely being refined within the confines of small Internet forums and social networks. And when these ideas are dissected, purified, and molded through discussion, they find their way into the world at large.


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