Wishing Wells

We can never control how much money we have or its purchasing power. For instance, there could be a global economic downturn, or sudden inflation, or thieves could be running the monetary system, there could be a major natural disaster, our dwelling could need a new roof, our town could need a new water treatment plant — raising our taxes, flood zones could be redefined — significantly increasing our insurance rate, we may have to deal with financial complications surrounding a major illness, we could be involved in an accident, industries could fall or be outsourced, there could be shortages, laws can change, things can be found unsafe — in short, money and our ability to spend it, is beyond our control and always will be.

Therefore, worrying about it, saving it for security, desperately attempting to collect it, is not logical. No matter our circumstances, the attainment of money and its purchasing power is beyond our control.


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