Gita Commentary – Ch 16

Bhagavad Gita Commentary – Chapter 16

Fearful, angry, cruel, deceitful, jealous, arrogant — these are qualities of those trapped within the cycle of rebirth. Seeing all things as independent, they lack understanding of the interwoven world.

Chasing cravings without regard for others, they act foolishly within the world, polluted by hypocrisy and self-importance. Believing life’s purpose to be the fulfillment of wants, they remain obsessed until death, forever seeking satisfaction, bound by hundreds of wants and wishes.

Believing themselves separate and capable of individual achievement, their conceit propels them far from the whole. Self-centered, feigning cooperation for their own benefit, they fall far from perfection, sinking deeper within the cycle of rebirth.

Serving as pathways to this lowest state, reject the influence of lust, anger, and greed. With these teachings as your guide, seek the path to perfection and happiness.


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