What is God

An explanation of “God” according to my interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita:

God is everything. Eternal, and existing beyond the universe, God is the creative force that brings the universe into being. Every visible particle and every invisible force within the universe is God. God brings forth the forces of nature to create and control the ongoings of the turbulent world. While God is the underlying creator of these forces, he is not typically involved in how they play out.

Within the living, lies a piece of the eternal God — and through every sense, in every body, God experiences the visible world. While the forces of nature rapidly create and destroy life within the world, this piece of God is beyond their control.

At times, an embodied fragment of God may mistakenly believe itself a part of the temporal world. Confused, believing the fleeting world to be all there is, this fragment is overcome by the fear of impermanence. This fear of loss develops into greed and ruthlessness.

God becomes directly involved when the forces of nature bring about an imbalance in the world. Serving as a beacon, God inspires the world’s inhabitants into taking corrective action, to align the world with God’s qualities.

God is the creator of all, so all are an equal part of God. Those believing the world to be theirs alone, disregarding the whole, are set against the selfless, those performing their role without fear, without anger, without brutality — those whose duty it is to restore the fruits of life to the entirety of God’s creation. The outcome of this disharmony is guaranteed by God and rebalancing is inevitable.

Lastly, God is the destroyer of the universe — repeating the process of creation again and again. Unselfishly, God creates the world because a creator’s role is to create. And by performing this duty for the welfare of all, God serves as a role-model for those within the world.


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