Gita Commentary – Ch 12

Bhagavad Gita Commentary – Chapter 12

The Archer wonders whether he should focus on this observable world or the infinite unseen realm.

The Charioteer responds: It is a challenge for embodied beings to contemplate that which is eternal and without form. But for those that focus on what doesn’t end, overcoming the influence of their senses and their preferences, celebrating the well-being of all — they reach the eternal state through their dedicated practice.

The Charioteer continues: Keep me in your thoughts by making me the foundation of your understanding. To do so, practice focusing your attention — act without selfish intent, do not seek to benefit — see all outcomes as equal — think of yourself as my instrument — and through this practice, attain peace.

The Charioteer says: those that see all things as me, are near to me. Seeing everyone as me, they are without hate or selfishness, they are kind and patient. Seeing me in every result, they are satisfied with any outcome. Seeing me in every circumstance, they are not influenced by anger or anxiety. Seeing me as the sustainer of life, they abandon the belief of self-determination. Seeing only me, they are without dualities — there is no good or bad, there is only me.

Those nearest to me know me as home, and are at all times content.


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