Gita Commentary – Ch 11

Bhagavad Gita Commentary – Chapter 11

The Archer, still captivated by his senses, asks if he can see the actual all-pervading eternal form of the Charioteer.

The Charioteer grants this request, providing the Archer with a divine vision capable of perceiving his immensity. What’s revealed, is a distressing sight for the Archer. It is not only grand, but gruesome. In the distance, he sees the participants on both sides of the battlefield, his family, relentlessly crushed and consumed by gnashing teeth within flaming mouths.

Although terrified, the Archer seeks to know more. The Charioteer explains that he is time, the destroyer — and even without the Archer’s involvement, the men on the battlefield would perish. The narrative of life has brought an end to the lives of these men, the Archer is merely the instrument that fulfills this sequence of events. And with that, the Charioteer urges the Archer to accept his role in fighting this battle.

The Archer, now comprehending the immensity of what’s before him, trembles. Overwhelmed, he asks to see his Charioteer’s familiar form once again.

The Charioteer, now in human-like form, says: Only through unyielding devotion can I be known. Understand that I am everything, and hate nothing — perform your role for my sake, and remain unbound — seek me as your goal, and find me.


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