Gita Commentary – Ch 9

Bhagavad Gita Commentary – Chapter 9

The creation of the universe and everything it contains is done without passion, without selfishness, without attachment to a particular outcome — it is simply done because the role of a creator is to create.

Those believing the visible world to be all there is, succumb to the influence of greed and cruelty — unaware that all things within this world stem from a single source and are of equal value.

Those focused on what lies beyond the senses, not seeking imagined rewards, are without hardship. Devoted to realizing the source of all, devoted to seeing this source within all, and devoted to developing an attitude of gratefulness to this source of all — for those so devoted, suffering comes to an end.

Everything you do, think of it as a form of devotion to what created us. When we consider the living of our lives as a form of devotion, as an offering of appreciation, we are no longer tied to our actions. No longer tied to our actions, we are without attachment, we are free.

The Charioteer says: In this fleeting world of adversity, devote yourself to what is welcoming and permanent. Train your thoughts to focus on me as the source of all, developing an attitude of gratefulness and admiration. With me as your goal, to me you will come.


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