Gita Commentary – Ch 4

Bhagavad Gita Commentary – Chapter 4

The Charioteer mentions that he taught this knowledge to the ancients, but it faded over time. Seeing his Charioteer as a man similar in age to himself, the Archer is confused by this. The Charioteer informs the Archer that he remembers all of his previous incarnations, life after life — suggesting he is not what he appears to be.

The Charioteer continues, stating that he enters into the world when it is in turmoil, re-establishing balance, preserving the best aspects while eliminating the worst — becoming a beacon for all to strive towards.

The Charioteer asserts that those who strive, following a path towards fulfillment, will reach their destination. No longer trusting their senses, they no longer experience fear and frustration — without expectations, they are without discontent — performing as their nature dictates, without selfish motivation or external influence, they are free and unattached to this world. Devoted to acting without attachment, they find peace.


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