Beyond Control

If life was within our control, we’d be without problems or worry, everything would always go as planned. But, we can plainly observe that our lives are not trouble-free. We regularly experience dilemmas and feel anxiety over outcomes.

Our frustration and dissatisfaction with life comes about when we mistakenly believe we have control. But life is beyond our control: the ideas we’re exposed to, our natural tendencies, our available resources, and the actions of other people — the world turns without our input.

Even realizing our lack of control, is beyond our control. So what we’re left with, is watching life unfold. And with this realization of pure observation, comes a sense of relief — the outcomes of life are not in our hands and they never were.

By understanding this, we no longer feel the frustration of pushing against an immovable force. And when we’re no longer under the constraints of our mistaken belief, we experience satisfaction with life. We sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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