Chill Pill

I’m going to be tense and anxious for no reason. It’s not going to change anything — the people, challenges, and surroundings will all remain the same — I’m just going to be on edge and ready to snap. That’s fine right?

Well, if it’s not going to add to life’s enjoyment, maybe I should just relax instead. Perhaps I’ll calmly continue, resetting my frustration to zero, and move on without agitation.

It’s fine that I need this reminder once in awhile, and if I need some more convincing, that’s fine too. I should keep in mind that life is more easily enjoyed when perceived in a lighthearted way.

Frustration and anxiety, serving only as impediments to enjoyment, are the actual obstacles I must overcome, not the external circumstances I mistakenly labeled as their source. To overcome these feelings, I recognize their uselessness and disregard their presence in my thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Chill Pill

    • Disregarding unpleasant thoughts seems to get easier over time. Also, I think breath-meditation helps, which is essentially just a constant practice of disregarding thoughts while focusing on the breath.

      • Nah, not too much practice — and besides, what else do we have to do with our time. But really, we can just watch as time passes, and our life kinda goes where it wants to go anyway — so there’s no extra effort needed — just a willingness to appreciate the pageantry of life.

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