Trick Question

The search for ultimate truth is just another distraction, there is no point to it. The simple truth is that we’re here — and finding out the underlying nature of “here” is unimportant.

Although if one is driven to search for truth, then it can become a hobby like any other. But realize that hobbies are never fulfilled, there’s no goal to achieve, they just provide perpetual activity and amusement.

An answer is not possible because we can’t find solid ground — our ideas about this world, as well as the ideas of humanity as a whole, change over time. A search for truth doesn’t get us any closer to solid ground, it only makes us realize the unattainable nature of truth. Everything we attempt to define, turns into a haze of ambiguity.

By all means, search and have fun, but the outcome is unimportant. The underlying purpose of any hobby or game is enjoyment — getting the ball into the hoop makes no difference, the point is to enjoy the process.


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