Altered Reality

We cannot expect others, or even ourselves, to maintain a consistent perspective of life. The definition of “life” is a moving target that is undefinable. And this realization is useful because it helps in managing our expectations of ourselves, of others, and of life itself.

It should be expected that our ideas and perspective may completely change over time. For example, what we now see as “bad”, may later be seen as “good”.

It should be expected that others see life differently, even on a fundamental level. For example, from our perspective others may see the world in a ridiculous way — but our perspective might be equally ridiculous to them — and neither one is provably “correct”.

So it should be expected, that life itself seems inconsistent and confusing. And as a result, we have no right to hold onto rigid concepts — we literally have no idea what’s happening here. Additionally, we’ve been mistaken in the past, so we may be mistaken in the present — and the same is true for anyone.


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