Collective Perspective

It seems as though humanity’s description of the world should homogenize over time. In other words, if we’re all seeing the same things, we should describe the world in the same exact way. This is currently not the case, so is there a resistance to humanity developing a consistent perspective of life?

In the past, when groups split, it appears as though they naturally diverged in terms of looks, language, and lifestyle. In other words, if isolated long enough, groups would tend to develop different characteristics. Is it a fundamental aspect of humanity, that it should regularly split into separatist subgroups?

And even at the individual level, a person can radically change throughout the different periods of his life. So if an individual doesn’t even maintain a consistent perspective within his own lifespan, is it possible for the entirety of humanity to do so?

One might see the Internet, and its ability to instantly inform, as a force to end the divergent nature of humanity, and bring it closer to a shared perspective. But I think this idea ignores humanity’s tendency to purposefully create subgroups. And instead of creating a shared perspective, the Internet might just make it easier to create isolated groups. So it’s not clearcut what effect the Internet will have on developing a shared perspective of the world.

By its nature then, life appears to maintain a certain level of ambiguity and confusion, not allowing a universally accepted definition of itself. But why is a definition of life so difficult to pin down? One could speculate that there may be some deception involved, that the world is not what it appears to be, and its inhabitants are kept from getting too close to the underlying truth.

But beyond the speculation of “why” or “how”, it does seem as though humanity has a resistance to developing a universally accepted perspective of the world. And if it hasn’t happened yet, there’s a likelihood that it won’t happen in the future. Also, the Internet may not be a mechanism of cohesion, but one of division, unravelling the uniformity and globalization that has been increasing up to this point. And just to note, diversity isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


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