Uniformity Antithesis

I see the world from a particular perspective — and when I hear the perspectives of others, I’m often perplexed by what they describe. No, that’s not the world at all, I say to myself. Are we even on the same planet?

But I know that some of my ideas have changed over time while others stayed the same. And it’s likely that this is the case with everyone. Because of this nebulousness, it seems as though it’s not possible to have a universally agreed upon definition of the world. Everyone appears to have a personal perspective of the world — and often times we disagree on fundamental aspects.

Something that should be universally agreed upon then, is that the world is undefinable, but even this is not the case. In all likelihood, if a true definition of the world were to be found, it would be denied by the majority of inhabitants.

One might reason though, that over time our views would homogenize, that humanity’s description of the world would become consistent. But it seems as though humanity resists this process, or it would likely have happened by now. Individuals even disagree with themselves, concepts we’re so sure of in our youth, can seem comically naive from an older perspective. So by its nature, life appears to maintain a certain level of ambiguity and confusion.


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