Serious Analysis

Some of us take life way too seriously. We fret about outcomes, see peril at every turn, and try to control life in order to minimize harm. And of course, this is the opposite of having a lighthearted romp through life — it’s not an enjoyable experience.

I have these dire thoughts, but I also have counteracting thoughts. In other words, a miserable thought will surface, but then logical and lighthearted thoughts will follow, disarming the original thought. There was a time when I didn’t have counteracting thoughts, and as a result, I was anxious and miserable. But now, due to those counteracting thoughts, I’m able to derive more enjoyment from life.

If it was a choice I could make, I’d decide to forgo the dire thoughts and replace them with awesomely pleasant thoughts. And I never chose to have counteracting thoughts, they just developed over time due to a mix of external influences and internal struggles — or at least that’s my guess.

So that’s quite a little adventure I had: darkness, struggle, triumph, illumination. It seems odd though, doesn’t it, that we all seem to go through these types of adventures? Oh I don’t know, it just seems a little too… scripted? Yeah, I’m onto you life, but it’s cool, your secret is safe with me… PUBLISH!


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