It’s Not Your Fault

Of course it’s not your fault, you didn’t create this world or even yourself, you didn’t choose your body, your personality, your erratic thoughts, your natural tendencies, your parents, their role in society, nor the state of society, your country of origin, you didn’t select the people that surrounded you, and you also didn’t generate all those seemingly random events — this whole thing is beyond your control, how can any of it be your fault?

So now you’re off the hook, you’re free of blame, and there’s no guilt to be had. You were powerless, nothing but a raft adrift in the vast ocean of life. Now what?

If everything is beyond our control, perhaps we’re just an audience observing the pageantry of life as it passes by. But we’re an active audience, a blend of acting and observing. We’re all reading our lines for the first time and stumbling through the performance.

Imagining that we’re in full-control of our lives is daunting, intense, and full of pressure — it’s the source of our stress. Realizing that all of this is beyond our control, relieves this tension. But for whatever reason, we must stumble into this realization — but perhaps that’s part of the script.


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