Rose-colored Glasses

We go through life, each with our own particular perception of this world. And this perception influences our understanding of the world, which is why different people describe the world in completely different ways.

As an analogy, our eyes often develop focusing issues, resulting in a blurry world unless countered with appropriate lenses. Similarly, many of us develop focusing issues with our perceptions, leading to a dreary world unless countered with balancing beliefs.

In other words, many of us perceive the world as a negative place, which results in a miserable experience, but we can counter this perception with a comforting set of beliefs. What this entails, is searching for the right prescription of beliefs that makes the world seem pleasant.

Essentially, this amounts to replacing our dark sunglasses with rose-colored glasses. So instead of a gloomy haze over the world, we now have a pleasant rosy glow. And in this analogy, glasses are not optional, the world is always shaped by our attitude and perceptions, and cannot be experienced in the raw.

So take your pick: dark or rosy. Clear is not an option because it gets dirty so easily, becoming just another shade of grey.


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