Bodiless Thoughts

I enjoy thinking, and it’s easier to think when I’m undisturbed. But if I wasn’t surrounded by the constant stimulation of this world, I’d have nothing to think about. The topics of my thoughts consist of the contents of this world. So although I need quiet-time, I also need to supply my thoughts with input.

If an immortal species existed within a realm of pure consciousness, what would they think about? If they lacked bodies and the drama of transient life, what would fill their thoughts? Perhaps they would create a fantasy world in order to generate thought provoking material.

And what would happen if these beings were fully aware of that world’s artificial nature? I don’t think it would pose a problem — for instance, I know movies and books and video-games are artificial, but I thoroughly enjoy them.

But what if their artificial world became so engaging, that they lost track of their original eternal nature? What if they were so swept up in the drama of corporeal life, that they took it too seriously, and lost the fun along the way? What if they forgot why they were there? Then let me remind you: this is fiction, enjoy it.


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