Search for Probabilities

If we want to obtain or accomplish something, there seems to be some chance involved. For instance, if I want to get a pizza, something could prevent me from obtaining that pizza. Or if I want to find a long-term romantic partner, I would need to happen upon someone suitable.

So when we wish for a particular outcome, the world seems to imply that chance is involved. The world also implies the existence of trends. For instance, the world seems to trend towards the creation and maintenance of life, otherwise nothing would exist.

Because of observable trends, it seems unlikely that outcomes are 100% random, otherwise getting a pizza would be much more difficult. But, there does seem to be an element of the unexpected, since the attainment of pizza is not guaranteed. And just to note, it’s always possible that the appearance of chance is an illusion, and outcomes are predetermined.

So if I have a wish I want granted, what is the likelihood of its fruition? If I devote maximal energy towards this goal, is there still a chance of its non-fulfillment? Is the variable “when” and not “if”? But then how long would I wait? And we’re often perplexed by our past pursuits, sometimes getting what we want, and sometimes not — proving nothing.

Is this a mystery of life, or is it the wrong question, backed by wrong assumptions?


3 thoughts on “Search for Probabilities

  1. This is a concept I’ve been pondering for a while. I have a character in my unpublished novel who can see the future. The question in the book is always, is what you see inevitable? Or does it depend on certain factors.
    Anyway, I’ve read your post 3 times – it was the question of the pizza that decided me. I thought of making a joke, saying that if you order the pizza from the right place, they WILL guarantee that it’s there within a specified time or it’s free. But that got me to thinking. If YOU want the pizza, AND they have a vested interest in getting it there quickly, doesn’t the will of two parties make the probability of the pizza getting to you exponentially higher?
    In conclusion, my thought is that if more people want it, and want it enough, then the likelihood of it happening is that much better.
    Having said that, there’s always the possibility that a meteor will hit, ruining everything. :P

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