Negative Me

But isn’t “negativity” me? Shouldn’t I be me? Why do I need to change myself?

Just the concept of negativity itself, indicates that this may not be a beneficial state to maintain — because the ultimate end to negativity and repeated subtraction, is nothingness. But arithmetic aside, just observe the typical reaction from others to someone that is overly pessimistic — they’re repulsed by it. So not only does negativity affect its originator, but those nearby.

Within ourselves, it’s a miserable condition to constantly criticize and perpetuate a bleak attitude — it certainly feels better to have a pleasant and forgiving attitude. Negativity separates us, bringing loneliness, whereas a positive attitude makes us a part of the whole, connected. And how difficult is it to enjoy a book or movie in which you constantly find fault, never losing yourself in the story?

So, negativity is a condition that should be expunged from those in possession of it. And it’s not that a negative mind is cursed — we’re not cursed with the need for food, it’s just something that must be maintained. Our bodies often force us to act, negativity is just another instigator of action.

We’re born without skills, the removal of negativity is just another skill to develop, like cooking. Learning and overcoming challenge is an enjoyable way to spend our time. And we shouldn’t disparage existence at the same time we’re in the middle of existing, it’s not a solid foundation. It’s like purging after every meal — forever left without sustenance — eating but not eating, living but not living. Free yourself of negativity.


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