Creation of Conversion

Should inhabitants of a created world “worship” their creator? In this context, worship is defined by words such as respect, devotion, and thankfulness.

In some instances, certain creations may feel innately grateful for their existence, and require an outlet for their appreciation — for these creations, worship appears to be a natural fit. In other instances, certain creations may not realize that they have a creator, or they may see existence as a horrible gift, due to the pain and suffering they’ve felt — so for these creations, worship does not come naturally and would require some sort of inspirational intervention.

Does worship have a benefit that non-worshippers may miss out on?

Even if a creator doesn’t require worship, and would in no way feel slighted by those that fail to engage in such acts, worship may still have beneficial effects in and of itself. For instance, worshippers may have a natural alignment with their world, while non-worshippers may be more perplexed by their existence.

For example, worshippers may see their existence as a gift, which they receive politely and without complaint, focusing on only the enjoyable aspects — they feel welcomed to their world. Non-worshippers on the other hand, may see their existence as random chance or a form of punishment, which would result in a more negative outlook on life — they may lack a sense of belonging.

So it seems as though worshippers would tend towards a more enjoyable existence than non-worshippers. And if this is the case, it would be logical for worshippers to attempt to inspire non-worshippers into becoming worshipers. In other words, “This activity improves my life, perhaps you’d like to try it too.”


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