Exercise In Creation

In this scenario, you and your family have been living in the same house for a few generations. It’s a nice house and you’re proud of your family for having it, knowing they must have put in a lot of hard work and made a lot of good choices. One day you ask your mother, “Mom, who originally built this house?”. She says she’s unsure, it’s always been in the family.

Later on that day, you ask around town about your house, and it turns out that the barber knowns the full story. The barber says that the house was originally built by the town council in order to provide a home to a poor family that lived in a tent by the river. You realize that this poor family must have been your ancestors from way back when. You’re somewhat shocked because you had assumed your family built the house themselves. But you’re also filled with a sense of gratitude towards the town because they helped your family when they needed it.

You keep thinking about what the town did and how it provided for your family and consequently for yourself. You develop a new found respect for the town and you even devote yourself to giving back to it. In a way, you just want to say “thanks”.

Now, what if the house represents the world we inhabit, and the town council represents the creator of this world. In a similar vein, perhaps you didn’t realize that this world was a gift, maybe you thought the world always existed, and assumed it belonged to you and your kind from the start. But having stumbled upon a new bit of information, and now believing the world to be specifically created, you develop a desire to say thanks to whatever created it, and you want to show your gratitude in whatever way you can.

I believe this thought exercise helps to illustrate some of the reasoning behind the worship of a creator. Here, “worship” is defined by words such as “respect”, “devotion”, and “thankfulness”. And just to summarize: if you believed that an entity provided you with a planet, a civilization, resources, a body, and the capacity for enjoyment — you’d likely feel a sense of reverence towards this entity and feel the need to show appreciation.