Forced Flaws

Sometimes I notice an absurdity of life and wonder why such an obvious flaw exists. But then I remind myself not to judge life and enjoy it for what it is. To help me accept the flaw, I often compare this world to the concept of fictional stories.

When analyzing fictional stories, I’ve noticed that plots are moved along by imperfection. For instance, a character may misinterpret the words or intentions of another character, causing an entire chain of events to ensue. Or, a character may have a flawed ambition that disrupts the lives of other characters who then proceed to stop the actions of the first character. If everyone and everything behaved perfectly, there would be no story to tell.

Something to consider, is whether this world is forcing imperfection upon us. If the world improved over time — with everyone learning from the past, ever heading towards smooth running perfection — we would lead lives without drama, without excitement. If every aspect of society was intricately planned out, would there be any enjoyment to life? Would the lack of mystery make life not worth living?

So it is by this rationale that I attempt to defend life’s absurdities. Life is flawed because flaws add movement and interest to life. Without flaws, this world would be a boring place filled with flat characters with obvious intentions, no surprises, and no laughter. So even if they sometimes cause confusion, the absurdities are what make life enjoyable.

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  1. i’m so pleased i found your blog (and this post in particular, cause i just wrote one about perfection the other day). not sure if you realise it but you speak/think a lot of sense! so thanks for sharing these thoughts.

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