Feckless Facts

I’ve been fooled by trickery and illusion.
I’ve had memories proven wrong.
I’ve had conclusions plagued with faulty logic.
I’ve had ideas change over time.
I’ve been deceived by lies.
I’ve witnessed others succumb to the previous points.

Because of this, I cannot assume that anything I’ve seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted is true. Any thought, any perception, any thing I’ve come across has the potential of being untrue. And what adds even more doubt, is the possibility that this world is being purposefully deceptive.

My conclusion therefore, is that there are no facts, there is only the unknowable. But this is not a source of distress, it does not leave me longing for answers, it is comforting, it is confidence, it is the one absolute: I don’t know.

I don’t know enough about life to be anxious about anything. Fear, frustration, and sadness rely on certainty — but I don’t know what the ultimate consequences will be, I don’t understand what is really happening. If I no longer trust my perceptions and interpretations, what ultimately remains is child-like curiosity and an enthusiasm to seek enjoyment.

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