Choose Your Own Adventure

You can’t choose what you are, but you can choose to enjoy what you are.

In other words, we do not have control over the circumstances of our birth, our family, our physical features, or the state of society and the world at large. We also do not control our initial inclinations or the way we interpret our early interactions with life.

But what is not beyond our control, once we realize it, is the attitude we have about ourselves, the world, and our place within it.

Many of us unintentionally develop attitudes of disappointment with life — but this attitude can be altered. We can go from viewing ourselves as worthless creatures victimized within a hellish nightmare of cruelty, to viewing ourselves as amusing life-forms on a whimsical romp through an interesting adventure.

With a bit of effort and practice, we can reshape an unpleasant narrative into an enjoyable one. The circumstances of life don’t necessarily change — but instead of seeing misery, we see amusement.

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To keep things as they are, close the book.

One thought on “Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Lovely. I wish more people would actively think about their happiness. And realize that they are the only ones who can control their emotions. If you allow someone or something to affect that, that is a weakness.

    Choose happiness :)

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