Pause Here

As it would be impractical to express ideas in their entirety, writing is necessarily condensed, and assumes prior knowledge. Because of this, content must match its audience, or it will appear cryptic.

Writing over 300 blog posts, at least one every day for almost a year, has been a very useful experience. It forced me to make clear and concise points, as well as to proofread and edit — just the thought that someone might read a post, was enough to make me care more. And, all that thinking made me very aware of my thoughts — I was able to monitor them to a much greater extent — which is why posting daily was a necessity.

That being said, I believe it’s time to slow or even pause this venue of self-expression for the time being. During my daily-posting experience, I developed new ways of thinking and I believe I may need time to process and synthesize it all.

So until further notice, this marks the end of daily posts. And if you’re interested, the very first post is: The Lame Game.