Ill-suited Roles

When watching a movie, we suspend belief, temporarily accepting fiction as reality. When scenes intensify, we feel it. We connect with characters as if we’re directly engaging with them.

Yet outside the theater, we often refuse to accept the pageantry of life — often seeing life in a raw form: filled with fallacies, illogic, and inconsistency.

Certainly though, if we can suspend belief for a movie, we can do it for life. But often times, we’ll criticize life to no end, scolding it for not being perfect.

Personally, I find it difficult to suspend belief when looking at life — I see absurd inconsistencies everywhere. But perhaps I’m just annoyed with the role I’ve been assigned — finding it difficult to accept my character, encouraging me to see life’s faults.

Ultimately though, I’m provided with a particular scenario and must play it out. So what choice do I have? Either I fight it all the way to the end, or I can accept it, dismissing any feelings of unsuitable role assignment.

Instead of lamenting for what I’m ill-suited, perhaps I would do well aligning with the natural tendencies of this character. In other words, find satisfaction within the constraints of this mind and body, focusing on what brings enjoyment to this entity.


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